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Visualizing Voting

Our first initiative! An interactive database that provides information on politicians and their stances. Broken down to address their position on 5 pillars: (1) immigration; (2) LGBTQ community; (3) women's rights; (4) police brutality; and (5) education.

We plan to launch this account soon. Page to follow soon!


Since A Means to an End's founding, we have raised almost $9,000 for six different causes!. You can check out our successes here. We plan to continue our vision to help those in need! #ameans2end

Our 1st event featuring Palestine Children's Relief Fund (PCRF). 08/28/14.


Thinking of throwing a fundraiser using grassroots methods, but need assistance with the logistics and execution? Email us about your idea and we will see how we can meet your needs! Need information shared, funds raised or promotion on upcoming humanitarian ventures? We will be happy to help! We highlight transparency and accountability in all of our endeavors and are pleased to work with you and your organization! Also, if you need research conducted to facilitate your objective, don't hesitate to contact us! 

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A Means to an End

Founded in 2014, A Means To An End is a grassroots consultancy committed in assisting non-profits with raising awareness and funds for their humanitarian operations, while simultaneously alleviating the skepticism behind philanthropic ventures. The very essence of A Means To An End is just that: a wholesome means to achieve a dire end. While we would love major donorship, we primarily focus on grassroots initiatives. We achieve success by partnering with local business owners and creative talents in the Atlanta area. Transparency and accountability are the forefront of our events—we want the donors to know, without a doubt, where their contributions are going.

We have hosted seven events so far, featuring the Palestine Children’s Relief Fund, Peacebuilding Solutions, the United Nations Children’s Fund, Atlantic Humanitarian Relief, Tapestri, Inc. and International Rescue Committee. We hope to continue our humble mission in bringing communities together!


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