Consulting & Collaboration

We love working with individuals whose drive, creativity and passion are geared towards bettering society as a whole, as well as organizations whose sole purpose is to help those in need. On top of throwing grassroots fundraisers, we offer our consulting services to those that want to throw events using grassroots methods, but don't know how. 

...collective understanding

Developed from our grassroots fundraisers, Co-Stand is a grassroots consultancy dedicated in empowering communities with the knowledge and tools to further civic engagement in local, state and national politics. We encourage active involvement in all branches while simultaneously stimulating political accountability. 

We plan to one day expand this mission on a global level!


Current Affairs

Along with consulting and A Means to an End, we also offer current news on domestic politics, international politics and affairs, trending topics and current events. Stay up to date on news and our upcoming projects and never miss a beat by following us on social media: @_co-stand_

A Means to an End

Founded in 2014, A Means To An End is a grassroots fundraising initiative committed in assisting non-profits with raising awareness and funds for their humanitarian operations, while also alleviating the skepticism behind philanthropic ventures. 

Featured Services


Our first initiative we plan to launch is  Visualizing Voting. This proposal is a user-friendly database that collects information on politicians and their stances in upcoming elections. We are breaking information down to 5 pillars, which are: (1) immigration; (2) LGBTQ community; (3) women's rights; (4) police brutality; and (5) education. This directive is inclusive to all communities, allowing facts to be readily accessible. We hope to have this page up and running soon!

<more info to come soon>